Face Fun! App Reviews

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App freezes when trying to do literally anything. Can't even move the pic around.


Just dled and crashed on me twice

Wish I could put 0 stars :(

Glitches right after I put the photo :( it's horrible don't get it

Desperately needs an update.

I did love this app, and still do. But it desperately needs an update. It crashes every time I upload a new photo to edit and smudge. Also, when I go to select the photo, it won't let me scroll up, it has to be one of the last few photos of my camera roll or I have to screen shot it to make it one of the last ones, because the app will not allow my to scroll up when selecting a photo, it simply freezes. Which is awful. Please please fix!!


Low res, unable to use with album . Crashes won't go past first page. Should have been free

"Squeeze it" is what you're looking for.

Don't waste your time with this app. Squeeze it is way better and it also has the wobble mode.

Bad app!!!!

Not worth 99 cents!!!! Doesn't work well!! Should be free.... SUCKY APP don't get it!!!!


I want my $$$ back. NOW!! Do not buy!!!

FunnY~~ If you like to play with photo, buy it~~

It worth the 99 cents~~


A++!! Very funny, easy-to-use with amazing interface! The new version is even better.


This was really dumb

Endup Sound

 It realy works. That's it. If you like to play with the pictures you take. It's way worth the . I would get it now befor the price goes .

Love it

Very easy to use. And it also makes pics look better and not just funny ones. Well worth 99.