Face Fun!

4.8 ( 268 ratings )
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Developer: Raymond NG

Realtime Liquid Image Funware! Turn pictures into liquid on your iPhone or iPod touch!

With "Face Fun!", your image behaves as though its made of digital liquid. You can stretch, warp, move, smear, smudge your image and more, using a library of liquid image distortion tools... all in real time! With Face Funs intuitive controls, you need no prior knowledge of Photoshop or graphics. Pictures can be imported for editing out of the photo album, the camera roll or even directly from the camera.

* Customizes the power of smudge, bump, and pinch.
* Crop, move, and zoom in/out image supported.
* Undo/Redo supported.
* Supports both portrait and landscape operation.
* Works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod touch.

Its great fun! Face Fun is an interesting toy for every owner of an iPhone or iPod touch.

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